Fictitious Botanical Names

My plywood profiles have developed as landscapes through paint and truncation.

Araucaria explorii 2016 started with the figure of Yuri Bolotin the co-director of BigCi, during my artist residency November 2015. Yuri explores names and records The Gardens of Stones. The work was developed for Harbour Sculpture at Woolwich 16-26 March, installed inside at the Deckhouse. Also was selected the canvas framed homesweethome by Murray and Burgess, and our hydro stone figures The Battlers, a work in progress.

The diptych Wollemia vanessii 2016 also started at this residency at BigCi. The documentary film maker Vanessa Macedo was the winner of the Environment Prize at BigCi. Vanessa made a short advocacy film for the conservation of the Garden of Stones against coal mining.

The hydro stone hands by Murray and Burgess have been refigured to We are all the Same at North Sydney Art Prize at The Coal Loader Site for Sustainability at Balls Head. Opening Ceremony 2pm Saturday 11 March.  Also selected is my installation of eight figures No Place for Children.