Murray & Burgess - homesweethome

Ro Murray and Mandy Burgess in collaboration for the installation:


Opening drinks Saturday 2 July 2-4pm
Closing drinks Sunday 10 July 2-4pm

2-10 July: Thursday to Sunday 11am-4pm
Chrissie Cotter Gallery, Pidcock Street, Camperdown


1 in every 122 people in the world are displaced (2014 UNHCR Report)

There were 367 children in immigration detention seeking asylum in Australia as of April 2016(Asylum Seeker Resource Centre)

 “The shrinking of imaginative identification which allows such things as shared humanity to be forgotten always begins at home” (Robinson 2012, 31) (Imagining…P16)

Home is a ‘spatial imaginary’ to which we attach feelings of both refuge and danger. It includes in its meaning an idea of where we can safely settle and daydream, but also an idea of exclusion. It encompasses the gamut of what it means to be human. Our exhibition homesweethome looks at the notion of home in the light of global displacement and the local detention of refugees and asks us to look at our human responses to crisis.

At Chrissie Cotter Gallery -  Entry space: we are all strangers, 2016, wire, hessian, plaster, dimensions variable Main space: home, 2015-16, plywood, wood, canvas, paint, stain, wire, dimensions variable.