Eastern Europe

A trip to Prague, Vienna, London and Budapest was inspiring to get a different view point to Sydney, looking at architecture and art.

A train trip out of Prague to a UNESCO town Kutna Hora to see the Sedlec Ossuary. This was a memento mori from an abolished cemetery. This mausoleum had a surprising continuity with the Alexander McQueen fashion exhibition in V&A London, with a room of bones. 

This contrast of opposites Unexpectedly to hear a Gershwin Concert and see the mosaic dome and surrounds in the Spanish Synagogue in Prague. 

Out of Prague, Litomerice a small town with large square with a painting and print exhibition by Hodonsky in old deconsecrated Jesuit Church. Nearby the Terezin Monument at the Nazi transfer station.

Vienna Biennale had reflective tank of black dyed water “Rose of Nothingness ” 2015 by Belu –Simion Fainaru, similar in effect (but not meaning)to the sump oil installation at Saatchi Gallery in London “20:50” 1987 by Richard Wilson, epic illusion; and at the House of Terror, Budapest under the military tank.

Above - Marc Quinn "Toxic Sublime" at White Cube, London

While in London I had the opportunity to visit galleries with fellow National Art School graduate Laura Jeanes-Ellenberger. Great to have a local guide to crisscross London to see galleries I hadn’t seen and share thoughts.